Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Various Sarah Palin statements

Andrew Sullivan is on a tear about Sarah Palin and has been writing a series of entries on various statements she's made. If you're curious about any of these topics, here's Andrews take on them all:

1) Did she pressure the Public Safety Commissioner to fire her ex-brother-in-law?

2) The "Thanks, but no thanks on that Bridge to Nowhere" claim.

3) Did she fire the police chief and librarian of Wasilla for political reasons?

4) Did Alaska state wildlife officials disagree with the federal decision to put polar bears on the endangered species list?

5) What's the status on the oil pipeline through Canada that Governor Palin claims as a major achievement of her term in office?

6) What is her position on the rights and morality of homosexuality?

7) Does she think climate change is affected by human behavior?

8) What is her position on the rights of foreign detainees?

9) How much of the national energy supply does Alaska produce?

10) Did she ad lib her comments in Ohio?

It's a strange assortment of odds and ends. Andrew Sullivan's basic conceit is that Governor Palin lies reflexively and about almost anything. He also says judge for yourself.

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