Friday, September 12, 2008

Future Combat Systems

Those busy folks at have another article to which I refer you, this one addressing an allegation made by John McCain that Obama favors "slowing our development of future combat systems." Evidently, what Obama is referring to is a program called Future Combat Systems.

In an e-mail sent to reporters, the Obama campaign says that Sen. Obama was referring to Future Combat Systems (or FCS). FCS is an ambitious new, integrated computer and weapons system which would require an estimated 63.8 million lines of computer code, the complete replacement of the Army’s inventory of heavy tanks, light armor, and armored personnel carriers along with the development of entirely new unmanned drones. Army officials told The Washington Post last year that the $200 billion price tag makes the FCS “the most expensive Army weapons program ever.”
FactCheck goes on to report that McCain, too, is reported as saying, "There are lots of procurements — airborne laser, Globemaster, Future Combat System — that should be ended."

"Pesky Proper Nouns" is the title of the FactCheck article. They are pesky, aren't they?

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